Our Business

Wi-t Corporation is engaged in mainly Planning and Proposing of Advertising and Designing business including also of Illustration and Cartoon for commercial business, and of Website Planning and Production. So, we can provide various plans and proposals according to the tastes and needs of Consumers from versatile low cost plan to with surprising ideas.
However, it is not the business of Wi-t simply to produce the advertisement from individual orders. We assume the advertisement is one of the sales promotion strategies of our clients, and we propose best sales acceleration strategy according to the requirements. It is not simply the communication with consumers by advertisement, but it further refers to the method of doing business, merchandise mix, and also pricing strategy of clients, such business like which we think is the responsibility of Wi-t thinking together with the clients and reconstructing the communication method between our clients and consumers.
For that reason, we make it our target not to be misled by those frivolous words like Brand Establishment, Promotion Strategy and so on, but to eliminate and exclude uselessness and provide practically necessary sales promotion really fitting each clients.

Advertising and Designing Business

We produce high quality designs for advertisement making much of the preference of our clients with our affluent experiences and knowhow. So, we can respond speedily to any detailed requests by our clients since we have a professional section for the design producing within our company

Business on Illustration and Cartoon

We produce commercial illustrations and cartoons.
We provide business tools which attract who see and look by friendly characters and with expressions full of impact.
We can respond to various requests with high quality and wide touch

Web Service Business

We produce home page easy to look, convenient and also with good appearance. And we also provide proposals, planning and services how to utilize the effective advertisement on the internet.