Illustration/Cartoon Business

Production of Cartoons
Wi-t produces Cartoons for mainly advertising flyers/pamphlets, booklets, Websites and so on as for business tools.
We propose best way to utilize cartoons according to the contents of goods and services which the clients want to appeal, minimize budgets and so on.
We provide attractive promotion tools not only easy to read and understand, but also enchant the mind of readers with making use of fun cartoons can only create.
Cartoons for advertising flyers
We propose advertising flyers with impact by cartoons which is unable to recreate by ordinarily designed flyers
Cartoon has effects not only as an eye catcher but also as messaging tools easy to read and appealing the contents understandably.
We strongly recommend advertising flyers with cartoons affluent with impact if you want to differentiate against competitive flyers in foldout and posting.
Pamphlets/Cartoons for booklet
Cartoons can easily convey the contents even difficult and mostly unreadable by writings
Cartoons draw out the empathy of readers with the characters of cartoon by exhibiting effect as a story with characters rather than by normal flyers which leads to create a sensation.
Cartoon for Webpages
We can prepare various type of cartoons according to the usage or purpose from short one to page sized cartoons with story.
We can convert full of volume contents on the content page into page sized cartoons which can be an eye catcher on the top page without doubt. And it can contribute to prolonging the duration of the visitors to the sites and increasing the conversion ratio.